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About Me

Welcome to Bible Study Outline,

I’m Jason and I am passionate about my faith in Christ.

The Bible is the very Word of God, and there is no greater pursuit than to become a life long student of the scriptures. 

This is simply a platform where I share my thoughts, study notes, articles that I am passionate about.

I have an Advanced Diploma. In Christian Ministry, but I am not a theologian, scholar nor do I claim to have any special education. I simply offer my commentary of what I see as I sit and study the word. I love the rich history of the church and the resources available to today’s christian is overwhelming… there is also a lot of rubbish out there.

Of many websites available, I highly recommend GotQuestions.org (no affiliation) as a modern conservative resource for bible knowledge and doctrine. The site has a huge resource of answered questions and I use it regularly.

I also have a website called bible story cartoons where I have illustrated a number of bible stories over the years. Sonya, my wife, has also out together activities that can go with each story. Everything there is free to use so please take a look… 

Feel Free to contact me via email below